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Osmani, Lajčák, and Rau give joint media statement in Poznań

Following the annual meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Visegrad Group countries – V4 and Western Balkan countries –WB6, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani in his capacity of Western Balkans Fund Chair, together with Poland Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau, and Miroslav LajčákEU Special Representative for the Western Balkansgave statements to the media. Osmani said that the Visegrad Four represents an example and inspiration for the manner in which regional cooperation between Western Balkan countries should take place. “We have a really excellent opportunity to learn from your experiences. Especially in terms of how, despite the existence of certain differences, you still manage to talk and build common positions on important issues ahead of important European councils and summits”, Osmani emphasised. In his statement, Osmani addressed the enlargement process, regional cooperation, as well as the expectations from the upcoming Slovenian Presidency with the European Union and in that context, he highlighted: “Recent Councils of the EU have shown that discussions regarding the manner of providing functioning accession processes for all our countries have not been completed, but on the contrary, have maybe just started. The Republic of North Macedonia sincerely hopes that during the Slovenian Presidency with the European Union we will have a better ground for adopting important decisions regarding the European perspective of the country and the whole region.” The meeting of Foreign Ministers of Visegrad Group countries – V4 and Western Balkan countries –WB6, this year is held in Poznań, in the framework of the Polish Chairmanship. The ministers had many topics of discussion on the table, such as building measures for economic recovery from the pandemic, deepening the common regional market, investments in education, digitalization and other infrastructural projects and green initiatives, such as other topics of broader international character. 

Osmani in Poznań: We raised important issues regarding the future of the accession process with countries from the region

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani took part in the annual meeting of ministers of foreign affairs of Visegrad Group countries – V4 and western Balkan countries – WB6, which took part in Poznań as part of the Polish Presidency. The central topic of the meeting was the EU enlargement process and the latest developments related to the latest EU Summits. In the presence of the EU Special Representative for other Western Balkan regional issuesMiroslav Lajčák and Croatia’s FM, issues were raisedregarding the future of the accession process with countries from the region as a two-way process that that implies fulfilment by both sides, as well as the reflection of all these issues on the credibility and integrity of the EU in the region and globally. Omani expressed gratitude to the upcoming Slovenian Presidency for their plans and priorities in terms of the Western Balkans, as well as the efforts of the Portuguese Presidency for opening accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania. “The country in recent years has made extraordinary efforts to open the negotiating process; consequently, each delay of this start creates certain frustrations and mistrust for the enlargement process. Despite these challenges, not only are we not going to give up on our European future, but we continue to actively engage in overcoming misunderstandings with our neighbour, as well as actively engage in promoting the European credibility in the region”, Osmani emphasied. The ministers unanimously sent a strong message to continue the efforts to adopt the necessary decisions in the framework of the Slovenian Presidency until the end of the year, underscored the importance of continuing the enlargement process as a strategic goal of the EU and stressed the importance of the negotiating process for domestic reforms of the countries, as well as the overall positive transformation of the region. A large part of the discussions between ministers at the meeting was dedicated to regional cooperation in the context of economic recovery of the region, deepening cooperation in the areas of the common regional market, digitalization, the green agenda, as well as areas with great potential for economic revival of the region. Osmani voiced gratitude for the support that the Visegrad Group provides for the Region, which is expressed through numerous particular projects. In that context, he addressed this year’s North Macedonia Presidency with the Western Balkans Fund, whose work is largely supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the V4 Group. He presented the priorities for the country’s presidency with the Fund which are related to its further growth, increased project activity and strengthening the regional ownership of its work.

Minister Osmani presents M-CARD for our eminent persons abroad

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani today at a press conference presented the M-CARD project, intended for persons who originate from the Republic of North Macedonia as a symbolic acknowledgement for their selfless engagement aimed at promoting the country abroad. The M-CARD is an acknowledgement and a recognition for eminent persons or individuals from the country who have shown exceptional success with their work and professionalism, and thus truly promoted North Macedonia abroad, Osmani emphasised. “As their motherland, we want to express our gratitude to them, I would say, in a symbolic manner – to pay them back, to compensate their role as promotors of the country, representing us as a country of successful and quality people”, he added. “During a longer past period, a large number of people have not only left the country, but they have achieved particular exceptional professional and social success where they are. They are successful doctors, scientists, businessmen, culture workers etc. that we want to attract to the country, strengthen their ties and create a potential for their closer involvement in our social flows”, Osmani emphasised. The idea is for such individuals to be included in a wider network that would be involved deeper in the social flows in the country. The whole process regarding the M-CARD will be coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The card will provide certain benefits such as free entrance at cultural events, museums and galleries, it would offer an advantage when applying for projects in the framework of programs for cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with individuals and associations abroad, facilitate regulating the stay in the country and support in the case of new businesses opening etc. The list of benefits is being expanded in cooperation with other Government departments. The detection of such persons is planned to be started by the diplomatic missions and consular posts of North Macedonia abroad, and the awarding will be realized in a strictly determined procedure conducted within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

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